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3D PageFlip Banna Pig Templates 1.0

3D PageFlip Banna Pig Templates

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This is the funny banna pig theme for 3d page flip software. It is another kind style for the flipping book template. When you are accustomed with the scenery picture, you will walk into another world if you use these banna pig templates.

In general, the paints in this package are of great fun. It is the style with childish. The banna pig seems happy in the picture. He is playing the piano and he is blinking to you. Can you feel the great happy from the template? Another picture shows the banna pig riding the house in the middle. She is so enjoyable. Have you found the words beside her? Romatic dream. Do you have imagination about this? Of course it brings not only the lovely vision, but also a great dream for you.

Sometimes you may create some 3d flipping book for children. Sometimes you should provide some 3d products brochure with the topic related to child for you customers. I think this is a good choice for you. The templates can help you to design your ebooks with vivid background.

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1. Start 3D PageFlip program, design "Page Layout", set logo file, logo link, base color, tilt angle, background config and so on, click "Apply Change";

2. Click 3D book icon and then choose "Export Current Settings as Themes", define output folder and theme name to save directly;

3. When you want to use, just click the 3D book icon to choose "Import Theme", then view your imported theme in template selection interface to choose and use.

All free 3d flippingbook Themes are available in any 3DPageFlip software.
With those Themes & Template you can make more professional and interactive 3D Flash Flipping Book as you want.