4Videosoft DVD Copy for Mac

4Videosoft DVD Copy for Mac 3.3.52

4Videosoft DVD Copy for Mac

Platform:Mac OS X, Mac Other, Other
Updated:2017-03-07 19:28:55
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4Videosoft DVD Copy for Mac is the best DVD copying program to copy DVD movies in high quality and backup DVD on Mac. You can choose to copy full DVD disc, copy the main movie or just specific titles/chapters of the source DVD, and choose audio track and subtitle to optimize the output files. Besides, this DVD Copy for Mac can also burn local DVD folder or ISO file to DVD disc or backup DVD disc to DVD folder or ISO file. It can copy DVD movie in 1:1 ratio with zero loss or compress DVD-9 to DVD-5 in high quality.

Key functions:

1.Strong DVD Copying Function

4Videosoft DVD Copy for Mac makes it easy to copy DVD on Mac in 1:1 ratio or compress DVD-9 to DVD-5 in high quality. Besides, it allows you to backup DVD disc to local DVD folder or ISO files. Moreover, it can help you burn and create local DVD folder or ISO files to DVD.

2.Three DVD Copy Mode

It is free for you to copy the whole DVD disc with all the special features, intros, trailer and ads, or just copy the main movie. This tool is highly compatible with DVD+-R/RW, DVD-RAM, most DVD players and burners, and Dual Layer 8.5GB disc. What's more, this professional Mac DVD Copy enables you to choose subtitle and audio track for your DVD. You can choose include menu or skip menu to create your own DVD disk.

3.More Specia Features

The DVD Copy for Mac provides you with clear-cut and intuitive interface, which makes your operation easy. It allows you to upgrade the DVD Copy through all your life and free online email support service.