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ABCBasics1 Phonics AtoZ

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Download Free Vocabulary Software to Learn English in phonics AtoZ.

Learning a new language can be hard. This will help your child in gaining confidence with learning about phonics AtoZ in English. This is perfect for first language or ESL learners in home schooling. Help your child to pick up common phonics AtoZ while being immersed with many series of challenges. You can be a teacher using phonics AtoZ vocabulary with simple reading exercises along with improving listening comprehension from an ESL native English teacher. Make teaching interactive and fun also, with a virtual chalkboard at home.

Features include:
- Learning a variety of vocabulary in phonics AtoZ with various categories.
- Categories include phonics a to z, combined, soft and hard sounds
- Learn with simple phonics AtoZ flash cards including audio to help.
- Exercises and other activities enforcing the phonics AtoZ vocabulary.
- Games include memory game, matching the correct word plus more.
- There is help available in each game.
- A chalkboard is included to write and draw along to in your own lessons.