Browser Addon Framework

Browser Addon Framework

Browser Addon Framework

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Updated:2012-07-05 18:53:26
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Browser Add-on Framework is a framework that allows developers to create browser add-ons for:

- Internet Explorer
- Firefox
- Chrome
- Safari
- Opera

Use extensive set of tools to develop and build your own browser add-on.

Cross-browser API
The same API requests are available for all browsers.

Cross-domain requests
Request from a script located on one domain to a page or a script located on another domain.

Content scripts
Content scripts are JavaScript files that run in the context of web pages.

Background scripts
It’s an HTML page that runs in the add-on process within browser.

Ability to auto-update add-ons.

Buttons on toolbar
You can add custom buttons to browser toolbar to control your add-on’s behavior.

Badges on button
Add badges to your add-on on the browser toolbar and add-on.

Open a popup window over the current window with custom content.