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Updated:2015-08-08 18:13:19
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100 fun and unique (for the most part) photo filters. Straight forward and fast, 100filters will take your images to the next level. Combine multiple filters to create strange works of art. Use images from your gallery or other apps and share images with applications like Facebook, Twitter, and especially Instagram.

Add cool framing with Cut Outs
Add trippy colors using Gradients and the "Volga" filters
Make brain melting images with Mirrors and Lightning!
Make your images super bland with Boring and Hipster filters
Plaid your Plaid with Plaid
YOLO or custom text

-Color and size controls are now on screen
-move images in back of a Cut Out by dragging on the preview
-Resize crop area if images are too small
-try using transparent colors with cut outs for awesome effect

Show support for the developer by getting the new Appreciation filter pack!
-Appreciation disables ads as well as gives you access to exclusive filters and future filters

MotoBlur devices not supported until I find wallpaper bug

similar to: mirrorgram, instagram, fx pro camera deluxe, picsart, afterglow