2nd Base (english-800x480)

2nd Base (english-800x480) 1.0

2nd Base (english-800x480)

Author:Mailman Group
Platform:Android 2.2 and up
Updated:2011-09-21 20:25:19
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A naughty bra snappin' game of sensous skill and daring!

Think you’ve got the moves to make it with some of the hottest babes around?

Try getting to 2nd base – a naughty, bra snappin’ game of sensuous skill and daring where you get close to all kinds of girls, from cheeky interns at work, to that super smart, but oh, so sexy college tutor, and more! But, watch out. You’ll need to keep your cool, or you’ll be out in the cold.

NOTE: The game size is large, so be patient. It's worth it!

Comprises of 5 stages heaven:

1. Rookie – Includes Cheerleaders, teachers pet and more
2. Graduate – Includes barista chick, Intern and more
3. Bachelor – Includes assistant, the client and more
4. Executive - Flight hostesses, Russian models and more
5. The ‘Heff’ – Actresses, play bunnies, the Governor and more

Each Stage includes 6 female challenges you are required to complete. As you make your way through each level the challenges become more difficult.

What are you waiting for big boy?

NOTE: The application is a larger file with the stunning images surely to make it worth it... be patient.