3D Doctor Who Time Vortex LWP

3D Doctor Who Time Vortex LWP 1.2

3D Doctor Who Time Vortex LWP

Updated:2015-08-08 18:47:29
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Amazing 3D fully rendered Time and Space Vortex.

-Rendered, constantly changing. (instead of repeating snapshots)
-Lightening, knocks and rotates the tardis.
-Lighting, the background lights up and alternates colors.
-Interactive, touching and dragging moves the time Vortex.
-Configurable: Change the speed, turn: touch on and off, add/remove the tardis.

No permissions, please watch the video.

This is a Live wallpaper and can only be used by long clicking your wallpaper, selecting wallpaper->live wallpaper->3D Doctor who time vortex.

This application is not created by the BBC, please support the BBC and the Doctor Who Franchise by buying a Doctor Who boxset.