5-Minute Vet: Canine & Feline

5-Minute Vet: Canine & Feline 1.0.0

5-Minute Vet: Canine & Feline

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Updated:2011-09-22 02:16:29
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Designed to provide the busy veterinary practitioner and student of veterinary medicine with concise practical reviews of almost all the diseases and clinical problems in dogs and cats. This latest update is based on the 4th edition and it includes additional features, enhanced functionality and ongoing updates!

Whether you're a student or a practicing veterinarian this bestselling resource will cut down on time spent navigating through other resources, allowing you to study, diagnose and treat more quickly.

Providing timely, authoritative answers to every common and not-so-common question concerning canine and feline health, this invaluable resource gives you instant access to 825 specific disorders written by more than 350 top specialists and includes over 500 images.

- Authoritative answers to all your questions about clinical problems frequently encountered in practice.
- Contains the most current research in small animal clinical care.
- Provides up-to-date information in an easy-to-use format.
- Get instant access to the drug formulary through helpful links, and a variety of search options - alphabetical, subject, dog, cat.
- Emphasis is placed on diagnosis and treatment of problems and diseases likely to be seen by veterinarians.
- Included in the Appendix are an extensive and detailed Drug Formulary, toxicology tables, endocrine testing protocols, normal laboratory values, and conversion tables.
- Helps you to quickly locate and use the "momentarily important" information that is essential to the practice of high-quality veterinary medicine.