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ACSI Eurocampings

Platform:Android 2.1 and up
Updated:2013-03-01 21:30:53
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ACSI Eurocampings is making the search for a quality camp site even easier. With this free app* you can choose from more than 9100 inspected camp sites in 29 European countries.

You can find a camp site near your current location quickly and easily with GPS. You can also search using various criteria in order to find a camp site that completely fits your requirements.

Thanks to the “click to call” button you can ask if there is a space available with one simple click. So driving around for hours in the dark, trying to find a free spot, is a thing of the past with this app.

Together with the camp sites you can expect the following reliable information:

• Pictures
• Reviews by other campers
• Opening period
• Indicative price per night
• Number of pitches
• Amenities
• Address and contact details
• GPS coordinates
• Itinerary

Most important features of this app:

• 9100 quality camp sites in 29 European countries
• Search using GPS, camp site name, location or country.
• Click to call function; in other words, direct contact with the camp site
• Available in Dutch, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish.

All camp sites are annually inspected by camp site specialist ACSI. The information collected is circulated via various camp site guides and websites, for example camp site search machine (>10 million visitors a year).

We have offered a website for mobile phones,, since March 2010 and now we offer this handy app. Your feedback is very welcome!

If you have ideas or tips concerning this app, we would like to hear them from you!

We wish you many great camping trips!

* Take care! This app needs an internet connection. Remember that the costs for mobile data traffic can be high abroad.