Achtung, die Kurve!

Achtung, die Kurve! 3.02

Achtung, die Kurve!

Author:Snirpo Apps
Platform:Android 2.1 and up
Updated:2013-03-08 21:27:55
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The classic Achtung die Kurve Game! Also known as Zatacka.

Players control the lines with the buttons onscreen. The goal is to not hit the borders or other players and be the last one to survive!

The game has 2, 3, or 4 player mode. 2 player mode should work on most devices with multitouch. 3 or 4 player mode does not work on all devices!

For multiplayer vs AI buy the Pro version. Bluetooth multiplayer will be in 3.0 Pro. The beta of the 3.0 pro version will be downloadable from my website soon for Pro users (