Advanced Uninstaller Pro

Advanced Uninstaller Pro 1.6.3

Advanced Uninstaller Pro

Platform:Android 1.6 and up
Updated:2013-03-08 02:17:04
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★★★★★ SALE: 23% discount for first 1, 000 downloads, actual price $1.29 ★★★★★

Tired of the way you have to go through multiple steps to uninstall an app on your phone, just try our single touch uninstall mode, its the best way to uninstall apps.

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+ An intuitive and easy to use UI.
+ Search apps by name.
+ Fast uninstall by Single touch in single mode.
+ Multiple (batch) uninstallation mode to uninstall more than one app.
+ Clear Apps Cache notification to get more phone memory with variable options like clear cache when cache size is > 500KB, > 1MB etc.
+ Move apps from phone to SD card.
+ Refresh app list option in menu.
+ Sort by name, date and size (ascending and descending both).
+ App details like Name, Size, Date and Version displayed in the application list.
+ Status icon at the end of app name to show whether app is on SD card, phone or movable to SD card.
+ Notification bar icon for quick access.
+ Info bar to show memory info (phone and SD card) and number of apps
+ Auto start on reboot.
+ No Ads.
+ Long press menu (context menu) Features:
+ Open app directly
+ Application details
+ Uninstall app even in Multiple Mode
+ Details in the Google Market.
+ Share application with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, GMail, etc.

Question: How to remove notification bar icon?
Answer: The notification bar icon is used for quick access to the app. If you don't need the notification bar icon, then you can remove it by going to "Menu"->"Preferences" in the Advanced Uninstaller and untick the "Notification Bar Icon" checkbox.

Question: Why I can't uninstall pre-installed/system apps in the list?
Answer: Pre-installed/System app cannot be uninstalled as they are system locked.