Aeolus HD Apex Icon Pack

Aeolus HD Apex Icon Pack 1.0.5

Aeolus HD Apex Icon Pack

Platform:Android 4.0 and up
Updated:2013-03-08 04:04:22
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You guys wanted it, and it's finally here, my most popular icon set for today's premiere home launcher, this is Aeolus HD Icon Pack for Apex Launcher!

- Over 85 icons

- Apex Settings > Theme Settings > Aeolus HD Apex > Apply.

If the icon(s) doesn't apply, long press the icon, select edit, and than select the icon and than choose 'select from icon packs' > 'Aeolus HD Apex', and that's it.

Please leave comments and rate if you like my icon pack and if you have any questions, need to report a bug or have icon(s) request, please feel free to email me,