Alibi(SMS Edit)-AD

Alibi(SMS Edit)-AD 1.2

Alibi(SMS Edit)-AD

Platform:Android 2.0.1 and up
Updated:2011-09-21 22:16:18
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Alibi(SMS Modify)-AD

★ Introduction

You Do not have a secret?

Are you worried lover catch you in private?
Of course, if you do not do anything worrisome, even though unexpected can happen
Sometimes you want to hide, there can be wanted to keep.

Now, I introduce the application will solve all your worries.

Text messages and phone records, alibi that it can be modified at will!
Please download right now, my dear Please keep your privacy.

★ Features
1. contents of the Text message can be modified or deleted.
- Telephone number, contents, date, time, incoming / outgoing and can be modified

2. Phone list can be deleted.
- Phone numbers can be deleted by pressing for a long time
- Will add the ability to modify it later.

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