AndCAD 1.8.5


Platform:Android 1.6 and up
Updated:2011-09-22 03:55:56
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AndCAD is a full 2D CAD application for your mobile device. Supports DXF.

AndCAD is a full 2D CAD application for Android. Create and edit drawings directly on your mobile device. You can now take CAD anywhere you need to go!

Key Features:
True Vector Objects
Object Snapping
Direct Unit Input
Full Layer Support
Image Underlay
AutoCAD® DXF Import/Export (beta)
Landscape (WS) & Portrait Mode
Tablet Support

Geometric Objects:
Line, Circle, Arc, Polyline, Polygon, PolyStar, Point, Text, Note, Linear Dimension, Aligned Dimension

Edit Tools:
Free Edit Mode, Move, Copy, Rotate, Scale, Break

Upcoming Features:
Additional Dimension Types
Block/Symbol Support

Please download and use the demo prior to purchase. The demo version is exactly the same as the paid version except for saving capabilities.


Regarding the "Licensing" message received upon launch:

There has been much question (and accusation) as to what you are seeing when you launch the application initially. The opening screen displays a message stating that your license will expire in one day.

Please allow us to explain.

The license check is an adjustment to the way that Google handles purchases on the market. The way google does it, is that it requires the application to check to validate the purchase every day. We set it up so that it wont do it every day - it does it every 14 days. This allows for use of the application when there might not be service available to you.

Upon initial launch, however, you will be provided with a 1 day license. This protects us with regards to the refund policy that Google has in place. If you keep your order beyond the initial day, your licence will be renewed automatically, free of charge, every 14 days.

If you go into the options section of AndCAD, you will see the area regarding licensing. From there, you can restart the 14 day period anytime that you wish to. We did it that way, so that you could plan for being away from a service area ahead of time.

Hopefully this clears up the concerns and questions regarding licensing.