AndRecorder - Premium

AndRecorder - Premium 2.1

AndRecorder - Premium

Platform:Android 2.1 and up
Updated:2013-03-01 22:13:08
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This is the Premium version of AndRecorder - a sound recorder that lets you easily record anything interesting happening around you!
Before buying, try "AndRecorder-Free". Only buy if satisfied with it!

*This is NOT a call recorder*

This version includes playback features:
- Fast Forward (audible)
- Seek Bar
- Set as Ringtone, Alarm and Notification

You can use it as a note or memo recorder, voice recorder or even to record a whole conversation - simply click and start recording!

See for FAQ.

AndRecorder is a sound recorder with an easy to use interface and elaborate functionality, including:
* Large button to start and stop recording
* Easy access through notification (cancelable through settings)
* No limit on recording length
* Creates WAVs, which allow easy usage with various editing tools
* Recording frequency rate setting - 11025/22050/44100 Hz.
* Recorded file header and counter setting
* Pause-record functionality
* Playback functions including:
- Sort by recording date or name
- Show today's/week's/all recordings
- Play/Pause/Stop functionality
- Repeat One/All/None
- Delete recording
- Email recording (limited by email attachment size)
- Various recording date format settings
* 3 Themes (icon sets) available)
* Records during screen-off (this doesn't work on some Samsung phones, creating skipping during screen-off periods - see FAQ).
AndRecorder is not a call-recorder (although on some HTC and Motorola phones, it can record even during calls, allowing for call recording when the speaker is used).
General application and development details:
We welcome all feedback and address users' needs and requests, including problem solving. The main screen features a "Send Feedback" button for that purpose exactly.

This is an ongoing project, with other features yet on the "future features" list.

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