Androidography - camera 101

Androidography - camera 101 1.0.5

Androidography - camera 101

Platform:Android 2.1 and up
Updated:2013-03-08 15:37:13
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Do you want to take PRO photos with your Android phone?

***Check-out all the TIPS how to Transform Your Android Phone Into a High-End Camera***

With Androidography from Fatboy Studios you simply choose from the list of Subjects…click and easy instructions appear with expert advice on:
* apps
* photo effects (hipstamatic, paint, toon, blur, vigette, grunge, hdr, camera, splash, clone, sketch)
* general tips

Most great photo opportunities won't wait for you to 'figure it out' – it's click it or miss it. With Androidography from Fatboy Studios you're only seconds away from the tips you need to get the right shot, every time, out of your mobile phone camera.

With great quality camera lenses and sensors built in today’s mobile phones you can easily achieve spectacular effects. Multitude of available apps allows to easily transform a photo to achieve required style or tone of your picture. And most importantly, you always have your phone with you, ready to grab that unique photo opportunity there and then.

We hope you enjoy Androidography. We'd love to hear your feedback, comments or suggestions. Please email us at:
*** We are working hard to bring you new features. Please stay tuned. ****