AnimalCam 1.7.9


Platform:Android 2.1 and up
Updated:2013-03-04 18:41:22
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This is the silent camera app without shutter sound.
You can also use as normal camera by setting to fine mode.
Please make use of taking your pet, etc.

** Please refrain from using against public morals **

- Light
- Screen filter
- Picture size
- Focus mode
- ISO sensibility
- Self-timer
- Image stabilizer
- Guide line
- Zoom (Unsupported models: Pseudo-zoom)
- Exposure compensation (Unsupported models: Make correction after shooting)
- Fine mode(High resolution, with shutter sound)
- Burst mode(up to 18 shots)
- Multi exposure mode
- Picture edit mode
- Shooting widget
* Foreground type: launch app when shooting
* Background type: not launch app when shooting
- Toggle front camera (Android 2.3 or later only)

Features of edit menu:
- Rotate
- Resize
- Effect
- Launch external app

Please refer to the user manual on the preference screen if you use the first time.

** Notes **
- Because some features are Machine-dependent, they may be unsupported, or them behavior may be different by the device.
I recommend that you use free version before paid version.
- Background type widget doesn't work properly in some models.
- If you offer camera info, I use it as data for development. (e.g. Improvement, Bug fix)