Ant.My Pet

Ant.My Pet 1.0.1

Ant.My Pet
Platform:Android 1.6 and up
Updated:2013-03-06 15:18:33
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"Black Ant inside my phone
Black Ant is my pet
Black Ant gonna be level 100"

This game is a mixture of virtual pet and arcade. Black Ant is raised from level 1 and can be leveled up via missions. The maximum level is 100. Upon level up, ability point is rewarded and can be used to increase strength, defense, or speed.

STR (strength) : increase attack damage on enemy
DEF (defense) : reduce damage from enemy and increase maximum HP (health points)
SPD (speed) : increase attack speed and walk speed

Currently there are 30 missions available but more missions will be addon later.

Hope you enjoy the game and have a nice pet inside your phone.