App List Backup

App List Backup 1.3

App List Backup

Updated:2015-08-08 17:35:47
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Saves the list of installed apps so you can re-download them from Google Play Store later (on the same or another device). This way apps still show up in Downloads and receive updates (unlike with other backup apps like MyBackup Pro).

The idea is NOT to back up non-Play-Store apps or to save you from re-downloading apps, so please don't rate negatively due to that.

The app saves a backup of your application list (or the part of it that you choose) onto the device's SD card or other storage. If both the old and new devices have an SD card slot, simply move the SD card from the old to the new device, and restore your apps. If one or both devices don't have an SD card slot, connect the old device to a computer, copy the folder called AppListBackup (from the root of the device's storage) to your computer. Then copy that same folder to the root of the new device's storage and run App List Backup to restore your apps.

Note: There are also 2 ad-free paid versions of this app:
- App List Backup Pro: it's the same app, just without the ads. Costs $1.
- App List Backup No-Permissions: same app, except that it doesn't ask for ANY permissions at all and doesn't save to the SD card/storage. Instead, it allows you to email yourself the backup list, then restore from that email.