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Wish there was an easier and safer way to use your Android smartphone while driving? When used in conjunction with the AppRadio (SPH-DA100) in-dash receiver installed in your vehicle, the AppRadio app revolutionizes how you interact with your car stereo and Android smartphone. AppRadio allows you to access your Phone's Calendar, Maps, Photos and other compatible applications, directly from the larger 7" Pioneer touchscreen in your dashboard. Your app content is optimized for in-vehicle use and you can touch, swipe, and scroll your way through them as if you were directly interacting with your Android device. AppRadio will even recommend and notify you of the latest 3rd party applications that are AppRadio compatible!

Compatible models
USA/Canada: AppRadio 2 (SPH-DA100)
Europe: AppRadio (SPH-DA100)

NOTE: Android compatibility with the AppRadio (SPH-DA100) requires the Android device to meet certain hardware and software requirements. To view a full list of AppRadio compatible Android devices, please visit the URL below:



EUROPE / Russia:


Other countries: