Archeologists of Shadows Vol.1

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Archeologists of Shadows Vol.1

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"ARCHEOLOGISTS OF SHADOWS is set in a world where every living thing is becoming mechanical. Some think that the phenomenon is the will of the gods, and so the Authorities punish those who resist the transformation, although all wonder about the real reason for the changes.

ARCHEOLOGISTS OF SHADOWS, Volume 1: The Resistance, is a graphic novel that has been in development for more than five years. Writer Lara Fuentes and artist Patricio Clarey, based out of Spain, have collaborated with Septagon Studios to publish A.O.S., with editing and adaptation by Preston Park Cooper. It contains over 100 pages of immersive story and art that combine drawing, sculpture, photography, photo manipulation and digital painting. Visit to learn more about the Archeologists Of Shadows series, art, and creators.

“Fans of science fiction will surely enjoy this and would be remiss if they didn't pick it up” -- Jeff Marsick,"