Archer Soundboard

Archer Soundboard 3.2.7

Archer Soundboard

Platform:Android 1.6 and up
Updated:2013-03-05 20:48:26
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**Deluxe Version is ad-free and can be sorted by episode or character**
400+ of your favorite quotes from both Seasons 1 & 2. This Archer Soundboard has high quality sounds with ringtone support. Also includes Sterling's ringtone from the show "Mullato Butts" and the catchy virus sound. WHAT WHAT!
Save your favorites to a separate menu for quick access.
Add a homescreen widget of your favorite sound for even quicker access.
Press menu button for stop, clear favorites, and settings menu.
Please email with all sound requests.
Long press sounds for ringtone/notification/alarm and sharing menu.

Some people have asked why I need access to your contact information. Here is a reply I sent that hopefully clears it up.

"If you're referring to the contact data, it's because when you set a sound as a contact ringtone it brings up a list of your contacts. There is no way to use that feature unless those permissions are set. It is never sent to me or stored on your phone. When you select to add as contact ringtone it sends a request to Android that says "Hey, can you bring up a list of all the contacts for me?" and Android says "Sure, here you go." The list is displayed and once you make your selection the app never uses that info again. I have no interest in anybody's contact data as I am only making these as a hobby."

Write contact data
Read contact data
-Used to set contact ringtones

Modify global system settings
-Used to set ringtones

Modify/delete USB storage contents
-This app does not delete anything! This is the only way to get access to the SD card to transfer ringtone files

Full network access
View network state
-Used for ads