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Astro Tools

Platform:Android 2.1 and up
Updated:2013-03-08 04:42:59
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Astronomy Tools.
A planetarium in your smartphone.

This software will help the amateur astronomer.
Now is free.
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250, 000 stars.(SAO catalogue)

2, 500, 000 stars
Download the file here and copy this in the folder sdcard/astrotools.

NGC & IC (13000 objects) with filter.
Messier catalog.
Position of the planets.

Fiel of view Eyepiece and/or CCD/EOS.

Height & azimuth in real time.
Plotting Aid differential representation of coordinated circles refer to RA and DEC.

Search and filter based on the different catalogs.

GPS position.
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Keywords: astronomy, , stars, constellations, galaxy, ngc, ic, telrad, planetarium, messier, skymap.