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BC Take 1.1

BC Take

Platform:Android 1.6 and up
Updated:2013-03-06 22:57:50
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Get your healthy dose of "damn I'm good!" whenever you need it. Relax and solve a quick puzzle in this deceptively easy game. Kept as simple as possible, you will use this app and learn the rules in seconds. But beware, the puzzles made by grandmaster Maurice Ashley slowly become harder and harder. Push your wits to new limits!

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- Very simple rules
- Over 280 puzzles made by chess grandmaster Maurice Ashley
- Eight difficulty levels for anyone from rank beginner to people whose brains are too big
- Simple and intuitive interface guarantees instant play
- Gives you a valuable chess skill while you are having fun

About the game:
Originally designed by world famous chess greandmaster, commentator and teacher Maurice Ashley to improve move visualization skills in aspiring chess players, you do not need chess playing skills to enjoy Take. If you don't know how chess pieces move, check here:

Take is simple to play. In each puzzle, use the white piece to take all the black pawns. The black pawns do not move. There is one catch: every move you make must capture a pawn. That is it, you are ready to play! Check the screenshots to do your first puzzle!

Watch out for upcoming update, a new adrenaline playing mode where you can forget about tranquil, calm puzzle solving. It is solving for your life!