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Carly for BMW

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Updated:2015-08-08 18:51:53
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Advanced car diagnostic App for BMW cars
The only BMW specific diagnostic tool for Android!

With this app you can read out BMW fault codes (BMW DTC's) like the experts.

While OBD Readers are limited to a small number of electronic control units (ECUs) and even a smaller number of fault codes, this app reads out practically all compatible ECUs.

Normally this is only possible with very expensive expert equipment.

Now you can check your car yourself in-depth!

It provides modell specific fault code explanations.

...and you can even clear the stored BMW DTC fault codes - not just OBD!

Main features are:

- Select from 100+ BMW models
- Identify all compatible ECUs
- Perform selected in-depth BMW DTC fault analysis
- Provide model specific text explanation of fault code
- Send the analysis protocoll per email
- Clear DTC fault codes

As a free add-on, this version also provides support for engine parameter monitoring, including writing them to a file to be analyzed later.
Since this is a rather difficile issue, not all cars may respond to the specific commands sent over Bluetooth adapters.

Please just try the free version to see if your car is being supported BEFORE purchasing the full version

And please let us know your experience by sending email to


The following BMW modells were successfully tested with the in-depth BMWhat diagnosis:

1er: E81, E82
1er Convertible: E87
1er Coupe: E88

3er: E90
3er Touring: E91
3er Coupe: E92
3er Convertible: E93

5er: E60
5er Touring: E61

6er: E63
6er Convertible: E64
7er: E65, E66

X5: E70

X6: E71, E72

also new Minis work now - please test first!

Experience shows that one would expect the above models to be compatible.
*** However please test the compatibility with the free lite version BEFORE buying the full version. ***