BabyFirst's Puzzle Time

BabyFirst's Puzzle Time 3.4d

BabyFirst's Puzzle Time

Author:BFTV, LLC
Platform:Android 1.6 and up
Updated:2011-09-21 19:30:07
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An important part of the early learning stage is understanding the concept of parts that make up a whole. In BabyFirst’s “Puzzle Time” application, children have the ability to drag and drop puzzle pieces into the correct location and make it whole.

Choose between a variety of puzzles including animal scenes in the jungle, arctic and on the farm. Or pick a puzzle that contains letters, numbers or shapes. Have fun exploring with your baby or toddler!


- Explores hand-eye coordination
- Introduces shapes, numbers, letters and animals
- Offer easy drag and drop functionality
- Tested by babies and toddlers
- Music can be turned on or off

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