BackTrack+ Compass

BackTrack+ Compass 1.2.0

BackTrack+ Compass

Platform:Android 2.1 and up
Updated:2013-03-07 20:39:40
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BackTrack+ Compass, is the easiest to use personal location finder and compass. Just mark your location (up to three locations), and BackTrack will show the direction and distance, to help you get back. It also support to entry location manually.

BackTrack+ Compass also support to calculate the average of locations, can be use to hide the cache (geocache).

Use it for shopping, parking, travel, and geocaching.

* store and location up your locations.
* manual location entry.
* show and setup location with Google map
* screen always on.
* electronic compass
* different patterns for distance
* calculate the average of selected locations
* save location to my favorites

There are ads in history and map view