Balloonimals 1.0


Author:IDEO Toy Lab
Platform:Android 2.2 and up
Updated:2011-09-21 20:15:02
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Build your own balloon animals on your phone in beautiful 3D graphics!

The award-winning Balloonimals is now available on Android for kids of all ages!

Beautifully rendered Balloonimals spring to life when you blow into the microphone or swipe with your finger.
Watch the balloon inflate and then give your phone a shake to start constructing your Balloonimal. With each shake, your animal takes greater shape until ... Voila! Your Balloonimal appears and is ready to play. Pet your Balloonimal and see what tricks it can do.

Great for kids of all ages, Balloonimals is packed with an entire collection of colorful, fully animated balloon animals, including a fish, duck, T-Rex, and unicorn. Fun, fancy pets that go where you go!

You'll love Balloonimals for its great features:

• simple controls: blow to inflate, shake to transform, pet for tricks
• amazing graphics: quality 3D renderings and animations now on your iPhone
• fun sound effects: playfully squeaks, quacks, and roars
• variety: Balloonimals randomly cycle through each time you play

Check out Balloonimals in action on our website: