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Updated:2015-08-08 12:17:32
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Visual Voicemail interface for the YouMail service. Sign up for free at, and enjoy the best Visual Voicemail app on the market.

- Manage all messages on your Android device
- Easy interface with great functionality
- Full Bluetooth headset support (Mono and Stereo) on Android OS 2.2 and higher
- Unique CALL & DELETE feature
- Swipe messages off the screen to delete them
- Switch between folders & move messages to any folder
- Display contact pictures next to their messages
- Share your voice messsages via email, SMS, or other messaging services
- Select multiple messages to be deleted, moved to other folders, or marked as read or unread
- Includes multiple homescreen widgets to display unheard message count, force a refresh, and get message previews
- Record, upload, and manage greetings
- Get message transcripts (paid service that can be purchased on the YouMail website)
- View Youmail call history (even if the caller didn't leave a message)
- Perform reverse phone number look-ups
- Search messages by name, phone number, or transcript contents
- If you have multiple phone numbers forwarded to the same YouMail inbox, there is an option to color-code each incoming number

IF YOU ENCOUNTER ANY PROBLEMS, OR WOULD LIKE TO REQUEST A FEATURE, PLEASE CONTACT US AT ! Don't just leave feedback -- there is no way for us to help you if you do that. We're very prompt at responding and fixing problems.

***To use the YouMail voicemail system, you will need to enable Conditional Call Forwarding on your phone, so that the incoming calls can be directed to the YouMail system instead of your regular voicemail. Most US Carriers supported, but it doesn't work with flex/pre-pay accounts.

***Because Better YouMail is a 3rd-party interface for the Youmail service, we do not have any control over any serivce interruptions due to Youmail server issues.