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Blue Sleep Therapy

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Covered in the Wall Street Journal! Use blue light therapy to gently lull yourself to sleep naturally and safely.

Blue light has been shown to help reset the body's Circadian rhythm. This silent sleep aid works by gently projecting soft blue light onto your wall or ceiling, guiding your breathing to a quick and restful sleep.

The illumination rises and falls over a customizable time period slowing and dimming to a gradual power-off. The cycling encourages breathing patterns that lead to a faster more relaxing night's sleep.

Spending time indoors surrounded by white artificial light can disrupts the body's natural sleep/wake cycle known as the Circadian rhythm. Aging only exacerbates the problem. But research has shown that the use of blue light before bed and upon rising can promote the reset of your body's Circadian rhythm, necessary to sleep through the night and ward off Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Help your baby sleep through the night. Blue light, timed before bed and upon waking, has even been shown to help regulate the sleep cycle for infants and toddlers.

Get over jet lag faster! Jet Lag is the body's response to confusing Circadian cues. Reset this and get to sleep faster by using Blue Sleep Therapy in the morning and night!

Multiple 1-button preset routines can be used in the morning or before bed, and, unlike white noise machines, this silent app's soft blue tones won't disturb a sleeping partner.

Standalone products offering similar features have been referenced in health magazines, news reports and books such as the "The 4 Hour Body", but these products are hardly affordable, often reaching prices of $50 - $150. This app replaces those products while offering customization and timely updates.

Interface optimized for screens of all sizes including Android Tablets such as the Motorola Xoom, Acer Iconia and Galaxy Tab.

This app requires an internet connection to collect and report usage analytics using Flurry. No personal information is collected, the data is used by us to improve it based on popular usage.

While coached breathing techniques are widely accepted and used to help a person relax and enter a restful state, the research on Blue Light therapy is incomplete, and there are conflicting opinions on it, so we provide a selection of articles written for the layperson supporting the use of lighting and breathing cycles to help sleep:

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