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Bluetooth Transfer Trial

Updated:2015-08-08 17:35:51
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This is the Lite version of 'Bluetooth File Explorer' and does not include all features of the full version.

A file manager that can be used to browse and manage files of local & remote bluetooth devices using Bluetooth File Transfer Profile (FTP).

To connect to remote devices and browse their file system the remote device should be running a bluetooth FTP server or this application which has a built-in bluetooth FTP server.

Main Features

1. Browse the file system of remote device
2. Pull files from remote device
4. Browse local file system
5. Create local folders
6. Delete local files/folders

Features of the built-in bluetooth FTP server:

1. Share your device's file system with other bluetooth devices (If FTP server is started)
2. Authorize connection request to ftp server from remote devices
3. Download files to your device from remote device
4. Delete, Create files or folders on your device

Please go through the 'Options menu > help' before initial use.

This is an Ad-Supported Version. Internet permission is used for Ad Display. The full version of this App has NO ADS , needs no Internet permission and is only 99 cents.

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