Bluetooth GPS

Bluetooth GPS Varies with device

Bluetooth GPS

Author:GG MobLab
Updated:2015-08-08 17:30:56
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Connect to an external bluetooth NMEA compatible GPS device. Mock provider allows other apps (Google Maps, GPSStatus, RMaps, OruxMaps, NDrive, c:geo ...etc) to work with the device.

### I always receive questions about how to use this app to connect their Notebook or PC, Mac ...etc. I have to clarify that the purpose of this app is to connect the Android with an external Bluetooth GPS device, in order to "replace" the android's internal GPS.

@@@@@ For samsung devices @@@@@
If your device crash occasionally, please first turn on the internal GPS before using the app. It is a known problem with some samsung devices.

### Please understand that the app frontend is just a frontend, mainly for controlling and configuration purpose, and providing some handy info. so don't expect it has many functions, shows every details and in any desired format...etc.

**** Please first enable Allow Mock Locations in Setting ****
* can't guarantee all device+apps work, pls email me details :)


Now you can start/stop the service from other apps by sending the service or broadcast Intent :

Start -
Stop -
Toggle -

* Note: You should first make sure you setup all the preferences and you can start the service correctly through the GUI frontend.

* try the workarounds (in preference) if failed to connect (eg, service discovery fail, connection refused)

Please report error or send me logcat if you got FC or any problems.