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Bootytastic Videos
Platform:Android 2.2 and up
Updated:2011-09-22 00:11:53
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Meet Alex Navvaro Runner Up Ms. Fitness World featuring videos with step by step instructions on how to sculpt killer lower body glute and leg exercises.

This app is the next best thing to having a trainer work with you in person. Great for working out at home or on the go. Videos are easy to follow and for any fitness level.

- High quality videos - one time download during app installation
- Simple and easy to follow instructions
- 20 Bootytastic videos by elite trainers

Videos include:
- Squats
- Lunges
- Booty Lunge
- Jumping Lunge
- Side Lunge
- Step Up
- Step Up Jump
- Box Jump
- Dead Lift
- Good Mornings
- Back Extensions
- Bridges
- Donkey Leg Kicks
- Ball Hip Extension
- Frog Squat
- Ball Glute Extension
- Side Step Abduction
- Side Leg Lift
- Rower
- Hill Running

- Requires 72 MB of SD storage for HD videos. Please make sure that you are on WiFi before downloading the videos.
- Downloaded videos can be erased and downloaded any time. Use the option menu to perform these functions.
- Android OS version 2.2 or higher

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