Botolates 3.0


Author:Beyonds SARL
Updated:2015-08-08 17:06:20
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Botolates V2.1 by Beyonds.

You are a fan of Moroccan Super League, Spanish, French, Italian, English First League, German Buundesliga, UEFA Champions League or UEFA Europa League, this application will allow you to keep in touch with the new season 2012/2013 results.

Specifically it allows you to:
- Keep in touch with results and important events of all your preferred league games.
- Know the planning of future games.
- Follow the scores of ongoing games live (manual refresh).
- Easily share results and planned dates using SMS, Email and Facebook.
- Easily create reminders so that you don’t miss any match.
- Know the current ranking.
- Know the current scorers.
- Access a team players list.

We note that the informations presented in this application are collected from the web and can be incorrect.