SMS texting from Computer

SMS texting from Computer 1.40

SMS texting from Computer

Platform:Android 2.2 and up
Updated:2013-03-02 13:11:19
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1) Install this app and run it.

2) Go to on your computer, pair your phone with your browser, and start texting away!

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We all know that typing text messages on a touchscreen smartphone is difficult and error prone. With BrowserTexting you use your computer keyboard.

BrowserTexting allows you to use your computer to read and send SMS text messages - and uses your Android's mobile number, contacts and SMS/MMS functionality.

While your phone is in the drawer, you can easily receive and send SMS text messages from your browser. Everything happens facebook-style with popup and sound notifications.

Works with PC, Mac and Linux. Works with all browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox and others).


- No signup
- Receive SMS/MMS text messages directly in the browser
- Send SMS text messages directly from the browser
- Group SMS (SMS to an unlimited number of recipients)
- Multi-browser support (up to 3 browsers)
- Desktop notifications
- Sound notifications

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Messages send from or the chrome extension will appear in your mobile outbox as if they were sent from the phone itself. Any messages received on your mobile will appear in the browser or chrome extension (and still be on the mobile).

You can still send/receive texts on your phone as you normally would.

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