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Updated:2015-08-08 12:22:14
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By the end of March 2013 we will release an Android update in which old datasets from past editions of the Good Beer Guide can be downloaded for free, if you had them before September 2012 (when the new subscription-based app was released). At the same time, all your favourites, visited pubs and notes from previous editions will be retrieved. This data was to be available in the new version of the app from release, but technical issues have delayed this. Our apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.

Please note that the retrieval of this information is not possible if you have uninstalled the app since September 2012, as the data was stored on your phone. In this update, your favourites will now be stored remotely under your Good Beer Guide Mobile account and can't be lost by uninstalling, doing a factory reset or changing your phone. This also means that the subscription features of app can be used on more than one device, and cross-platform, without additional cost by signing into your account (so long as the app is installed on all devices).

The Good Beer Guide app is a service to help you find pubs in the UK that consistently serve cask conditioned real ale in good condition, as well as provide information about breweries and beers using information from the Good Beer Guide, UK's best-selling, independent guide to great beer and great pubs, which is published annually by the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) and now in its 40th year.

This is a free app with an optional annual subscription. Without a subscription the app will have limited functionality allowing you to find the nearest pub and brewery to you. If you are upgrading from an earlier version of the app you will get a free subscription as soon as you create an account.

The Good Beer Guide is created through the work of thousands of volunteer CAMRA members resulting in an annual publication containing the top 4500 pubs that consistently serve well conditioned real ale.

Simple to use, Good Beer Guide Mobile offers the following features:

Complete entries for over 4, 500 independently-selected urban and rural pubs, giving details of beer, food, opening hours, accommodation, transport links, pub history, disabled access, facilities for families and more. The entire content of the pubs and brewery sections of the Good Beer Guide 2013 book is included in the subscribed version.
Fully independent pub reviews, written by local CAMRA members. Unique tasting notes for regular beers, written by trained CAMRA tasting panels. Any regular beers served at a pub have the full tasting notes about that beer. All the information is in the app so there is no need to be online when you search for a pub or brewery. You only need to be online to download updates or search from an address/postcode.

The My Guide feature makes it easy to keep tasting notes, favourites, visited pubs, or your own review of the pub. Save your favourite pubs in My Guide, so you can quickly go back to them later. Search from your current location, a postcode, place name or London tube station. Interactive maps within the app help you find your way. Launch the full Maps application to get step by step directions.

Changes to pubs that are reported to CAMRA between editions are automatically updated in the app.

Good Beer Guide Mobile for Android is developed and published by Greenius Mobile.

Copyright © 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 Campaign for Real Ale Limited and Greenius Limited.

New Features:

* The app is now free with an optional in-app purchase to subscribe to the full service for a year. Without a subscription the app operates in taster mode, which allows finding the nearest pub to you and a limited selection of brewery information. With a subscription you get all of the features until the end of the subscription at which point it goes back to taster mode.