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CLZ Comics - Comic Database

Updated:2015-08-08 12:16:50
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IMPORTANT: CLZ Comics is NOT a stand-alone app!

This is an add-on for Comic Collector for PC or Mac.
(available for $29.95 here: )

You need Comic Collector to catalog your comic collection
and EXPORT data and images to this CLZ Comics for Android.

** Without Comic Collector, this app is useless! **

Are you using's Comic Collector to
catalog your comic book collection?

Then CLZ Comics is a great companion, to browse, sort and
search your comic collection (and your wish list!) on your Android device.

Just use the Export to CLZ Comics feature in Comic Collector to
export your existing database (including images) to this Android app.

* Import your collection data and images from the Windows or Mac edition
- Use Wi-Fi to transfer directly from Windows or Mac to your iPhone.
- Or: Or: Export to a file in the Win/Mac version, then copy the file to
your Android's SD card.
* Browse your In Collection items, your Wish List, or your entire database,
using the 3 main tabs on the top left: All, Collection, Wish List
* View your comic lists in 2 different views:
- List : showing a small cover, series, issue number and collection status.
- Thumbnail Wall: just cover image thumbnails, but lots of em.
* Sort your comic lists by Issue Number, asc. or desc.
* Search your database by Series, Title, Barcode, Creator or Character
* Group your items into folders. Choose from:
Series, Publisher, Imprint, Rating, Location, Condition, Tag.
* Tap a comic in any view to go to the Issue Details page:
- Cover image, creator and character lists and your personal information.
- Use the Prev/Next go the previous or next comic, or just swipe.
- Shake iPhone to go to a random comic in your current list.
- Choose from 4 styles: Blue, Black, Light Blue, White
* Tap small cover image on Details Page to go the Large Cover Page:
- Use the Prev/Next go the previous or next comic, or just swipe.
- Tap the image to return to Details Page.
* Supports Portrait and Landscape modes in all views and pages.

- Comic Collector 4.7 for Windows or later.
- Comic Collector 5.0 for Mac OS X (or newer)

RECOMMENDED (needed to transfer data over Wi-Fi):
- Wi-Fi connection to the same local network that your desktop computer is in.
- Apple Bonjour service.