COCOTORECA - Kokomi Naruse!

COCOTORECA - Kokomi Naruse! 1.5.0

COCOTORECA - Kokomi Naruse!

Platform:Android 2.1 and up
Updated:2013-03-08 01:07:59
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COCOTORECA simulates trading card of Kokomi Naruse (Cocomin) - Japanese model and AV idol.
This application is trading card simulator COSTORECA's Kokomi Naruse version.
She performs four type cosplay.

* How to trade
To request a trade to the server with unwanted cards or the cards you want. You can exchange up to 20 cards at once.
You can download the data when trade is complete. However, please note the exchanges sometimes do not hold(see * Difficulty of obtaining).

* Cards
There are 64 type of trading cards.
Naturally, the card have front and back. Please also see the back side of the cards.

* How to increase the number of cards
Gather all the cards of a particular cosplayer.
After gathering all the cards of a particular cosplayer, the card will fixed. Then number of cards will released.
The gather by cosplayer, you can collect all the cards.

* Difficulty of obtaining
Difficulty of obtaining has been set for each trading card. If difficulty is high, the possibility of obtain the card is low. If difficulty is low, you can easily get a card.
The difficulty depends on the user's trade request. In other words, the popularity of the card depends on your needs.

* Waiting time
You have to wait to complete trade a few minutes per card.
If you stop the application, the countdown is still proceed. You restart application when countdown is end.

* Wallpaper setting function
You can set a picture of the card as wallpaper.

* Bonus!
If you collect all the cards of a cosplayer or get several number of the same card, you can get bonuses.

* Everyone can complete all the cards
You can collect all the cards, if diligently followed.
Please do your best to aim Complete!

* Cosplayer
Kokomi Naruse

All photographs were taken for this application.
Please enjoy cool cosplay!