Call Guard(call blocker & sms)

Call Guard(call blocker & sms) 3.8

Call Guard(call blocker & sms)

Updated:2015-08-08 14:03:45
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With Call Guard (Call Blocker) you can block incoming Calls/SMS or MMS (text messages) or outgoing calls.

Now with Full Pick up/Hang up (no voicemail, no notifications) support for all versions, 2.3 Gingerbread included! The only app on the market which leaves no traces of the call even on Gingerbread! You have to choose Answer/Hang up as a drop action under Settings!

As seen on Android App reviews:

This is the free ads-supported 7 day TRIAL version of the best call blocking app on the market, Call Guard (Pro). The update to the Pro is a minimal one time only payment!

For all the info and features of this app have a look at Call Guard Pro, easy filter:

With thousands of satisfied paying users in just the first few days since we launched Call Guard here is what our customers have to say about Call Guard:

★★★★★ "Tried all call filters, this one is hands down the best."
★★★★★ "Best call/txt blocker on the market now I don't have to hide my phone around my girlfriends"
★★★★★ "Perfect app, does what it promise. Support is very quick and accept suggestions. This is the best blacklist app for Android I used."
★★★★★ "This app is awesome and by far the best. Very easy to use and works excellent. Keep up the great work"

Please start and enable the service after each update!

If you need some help or request a new feature do not hesitate to contact us. Leaving comment on the market is great, but if you have a problem we can't respond to you via the market, only through our support email inside the app, so please use it if you need help or if you are reporting a problem or a FC (use the FC window, but drop us a line so that we can investigate the problem and match it with your device)

A simple explanation of the problem as well as the desired behavior and your device/Android version information (use the contact form inside the app for that) are required for us to be able to track down any problems.

IMPORTANT, before contacting us:
- Make sure you have read the Manual.
- If you still have questions, use the form inside the app, include your device information (click yes) and add a screenshot of the filters/settings page or a detailed explanation of the set up and the problem.
Emails in the form: "It's not working" will be ignored, sorry

Please note some of the limitations of this Free Call Blocker before sending us your questions or leaving a comment on the market:
- This is the AD supported version, you will get all the features of the full version, but with the ADs.
- This is also a 7 day trial version, after the 7 days you will have to decide if you wish to purchase the pro version or uninstall.
- The trial requires Internet connection for the ADs, the full app does not.

To support this trial and deliver it totally 100% free to you we are using ADs.
You will also receive a search button on your home screen to search from thousands of offers on the internet. You can delete the button with 1 click but remember that there are many deals waiting for you!
Search shortcut icon on your home screen

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