Cameringo+ Effects Camera

Cameringo+ Effects Camera 2.5.8

Cameringo+ Effects Camera

Author:Perraco Labs
Updated:2015-08-08 19:20:37
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A camera to give you back the pleasure of shooting beautiful photos.

With a simple yet stylishly powerful interface, this camera includes a large variety of effects, all in lightning-fast real-time, such as several Lomo and Lo-Fi filters, artistic painting, cartoon and paper styles, vintage, retro, analog, several deformations types, including even fish-eye, wide angle effects, and many more...

Lomography and Analogic photography lovers will be pleased with the emulated effects of some classic cameras such as Holga, Smena, Zenit, Lomo LC-A, and even an awesome Super-8 style.

With the unique Cameringo viewfinder, now you can keep shooting while in photo review mode, allowing comparison of the last photo taken against the live image. Plus, the horizon level indicator gives you now better control over the angle of the photo.

Get now mad-face shots with the unique Virtual Flash for Front-Facing Cameras. The idea is very simple, in complete darkness the screen will light up enough to give you the chance to snap your grin. Not all effects are suitable for this, so try it first with "original".

Other included features are a clever image stabilizer, silent camera mode, guidelines, tap to shoot, macro-focus, and even the option to shoot perfectly squared photos.

A new effects photo-camera app for everyone's taste at your fingertips.


This is a very new app, and unfortunately market comments can't be answered. So if you find any problem then please send an email directly to:


- More quality filters.
- More new useful settings.
- Faster rendering speed.
- Faster saving speed.
- GeoTagging support.
- HD photos. (Be patient please, I'm on it)