Car Parking Experts 3D PLUS

Car Parking Experts 3D PLUS 1.1

Car Parking Experts 3D PLUS

Author:Chi-Chi Games
Platform:Android 2.0.1 and up
Updated:2013-03-05 16:34:58
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★ Parking Experts 3D★

★ Android platform the best parking car 3D game ★
If you stop fans can not be wrong this 3D casual game yo,
Parking Rider game is very simple
Just be careful to control the car to the designated parking spaces and tricks
★ test your patience, and technology exciting levels, accidentally drive too fast, but will crash!
★ Parking Experts 3D stepped clearance system ★

★ operation unique four 3D camera angles ★
So you can be more precise and clear grasp of the direction and control of the car yo!

While driving and accidentally hit a roadside obstacles
★ ★ or a car, but it would explode

Parking Rider expectations ★ ★ game
Able to satisfy the appetite of the players you ~

Going forward will continue to update
So that players have a better gaming experience!