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Platform:Android 2.1 and up
Updated:2013-03-05 16:28:31
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Access the bookmarks from your Google Chrome™ browser.

✔ Bookmarks and Folders are synced to this app on your phone and then kept in sync with your Google Chrome™ browser(s). Choose to automatically sync or manually sync.

✔ Create, edit, delete and launch bookmarks/folders.

✔ Access your synced tabs from other devices and view the history of pages viewed on any currently open tab.

✔ Changes made on your phone are instantly visible in all your desktop Google Chrome™ Browser(s).

✔ Changes made in Google Chrome™ are visible in this app seconds later, once you perform a sync.

✔ Access your Google Chrome™ bookmarks quickly via this app or long press the search button (if your device has one).

✔ Decrypts all Google Chrome™ encrypted bookmarks. (Uses your Google Chrome™ password or passphrase, Google Chrome™ clearly explains that this is the only way to decrypt them).

✔ Create desktop shortcuts to your bookmarks or folders.

✔ Replace or update any missing Google Chrome™ bookmark icons and see the new icon seconds later in your desktop browser.

✔ Sync your Stock Android browser bookmarks (2.x users only, * see below) to a folder visible and fully update-able in your desktop Google Chrome™ browser. Automatically two-way sync these bookmarks!

✔ One-way integration with Stock Android Browser Bookmark Manager (* see below). You can use any Market Bookmarks widget to view your Google Chrome™ bookmarks.

✔ One-way integration of you Google Chrome™ bookmarks and folders with Dolphin Browser and Dolphin Browser Beta. This app IS a Dolphin Add-on - just install THIS app, open Dolphin and you'll see the Add-On there.

✔ Search your Google Chrome™ bookmarks and folders from the app or via the Google Search Widget.

✔ All your bookmarks and folders are stored on your phone and accessible off-line. Launch any bookmark with any browser installed on your device.

✔ Communicates with Google the exact same way as Google Chrome™ - *no* additional software such as Chrome extensions or any third parties such as Google Apps and no access to Google Docs required.

✔ Authenticates using your phone's credentials so is guaranteed secure by Google - can *only* access your Google Chrome™ bookmarks.

Google Chrome™ is a trademark of Google Inc. Use of this trademark is subject to Google Permissions.

(*) SAMSUNG users running 2.x Android
Your Browser is likely to have manufacturer changes - the Browser integration function may or may not work for you, but the Google Chrome™ bookmark sync is unaffected. To check, try the Lite app and go into the menu, settings, upgrade options to test your compatibility. Everything else works fine, though!

(*) Compatibility with other Browsers on the Play Store..?
Contact me to enquire, or to check, try the Lite app and go into the menu, settings, upgrade options to test the compatibility of other Browsers installed on your device.

Includes French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Swedish, Dutch, Japanese, Turkish, Russian, Finnish translations.

REMINDER: If you have a problem or issues, PLEASE mail me! A one star comment on the Market isn't enough to motivate me or provide the details required to fix it. If no-one ever bothers to mail me with bug reports, how do I find out about the bugs..?

Please ensure you have enabled sync in Google Chrome™ - it's not turned on by default!

MISSING BOOKMARKS? DUPLICATES? WRONG DECRYPTION PASSWORD? Please read the in-app "Help" to explain how to quickly fix these issues. Or mail me and I'll happily help!