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Clesh Video Editor

Updated:2015-08-08 15:39:09
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* Shoot / edit / publish on Android. Real time rendering - no wait for play back. No ads. Browser access on PC / Mac computers for free pro features.

Key advantages:
Elegant drag and drop interface - perfect for touch screen devices
Responsive: combine shots, transitions, trim, rotation etc in real time
High quality output: full rendering options including 1080p HD publishing
Full frame accurate storyboard and timeline editing
Cross platform - move seamlessly between Android App and PC web browser
Import/upload all Gallery formats
Publish directly to Facebook®, YouTube
Free online support through in-app chat
Screenshots and example videos on YouTube demonstrate Clesh in action on Samsung Galaxy S2 - no surprises!

Main uses of the Clesh video editing software:
* Share your photos / stills from your videos
* Share clips from your videos
* Edit your video and photos together and share your video stories
* Publish to YouTube
* Publish to Facebook®
* Keep copies of your edited videos on your tablet or smartphone

Recently added to Android Clesh:
* Fades
* Slomo

Recent reviews:

Create masterpieces from your videos and photos: identify all the best bits, and use the storyboard to build the flow. Frame accurate editing lets you get the cuts exactly right. Publish direct to YouTube and Facebook®, or download to your Android device or PC.

Novices can take photos and select chosen frames from videos. Drag them to the Facebook® icon to share with friends.

Continue editing your video on any internet connected computer, for many advanced features: simply use your Android login at

Clesh has no adverts and doesn’t take copyright over your content. It runs on the world’s most advanced Cloud-based video editing platform, which has handled 2, 500, 000 hours of professionally shot content so far. All the advantages of a Cloud Movie Editor on your Android device - and your PC and Mac!

Key features available on Android
Free private support chat room
Drag and drop
Cross platform Cloud operation
Uses built in video / stills camera
Frame accurate video editing
Top and tail
Storyboard editing
Full timeline editing
Pan and zoom (photos and videos)
Titling (background / foreground colour and transparency)
18 real time video transitions
Full metadata addition and search
Publishing to mobile device
Publishing to Facebook®
Publishing to YouTube
Download cache
Storage for 30 minutes of video in the Cloud
Upload audio only files
Rotate to allow mixing of portrait and landscape videos and images
Video and audio fades up and down
Title fade in and out
Slow motion / fast motion
Access to all your content from planes with on board WiFi!

Log on to your account from your PC / Mac for additional functionality:
Colour correction (black and white levels; saturation; white balance)
Real time colour correction graphs
Audio levels
Up to 8 independent audio tracks
Graphic overlay tracks
Slip and slide (available on Android with hardware keyboard)

This series of YouTube videos covers some key background and all the buttons in the Clesh interface:


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Desktop users can watch some recent videos edited on various Android devices here:

We recommend WiFi access as video files can be quite large; the system also works well over a good 3G or 4G connection.

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