ActivePhoto Widget LITE

ActivePhoto Widget LITE 3.3

ActivePhoto Widget LITE

Author:Michael Felix
Platform:Android 2.2 and up
Updated:2013-03-06 20:55:44
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This app creates homescreen widgets that display pictures of your contacts which also work as contact shortcuts. You can create albums that feature up to six pictures, and assign them one or two ways of contacting someone. Then just touch the frame on your homescreen at any time to instantly reach your friends or family by your chosen method.

Note: This is the lite version and is limited to one widget.

Supported contact methods:
- call
- text
- email
- view contact page
- quick contact popup
- no method

The app offers ten frame sizes, including a large 4x4 widget which can be helpful for visually impaired users.

Now featuring two-link widgets: choose left/right or top/bottom split, and choose a different action (or even a different person) for each half of the widget. This could be useful for a picture of a couple, or a call action and text action on the same frame.

Formerly known as "Clickable Picture Frame".

Permission information:
SEND_SMS: these are needed to enable the corresponding contact methods.
READ_CONTACTS: needed to present a contack picker during configuration.
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: needed and only used for saving and restoring backups, and for temporary storage during picture cropping.