Codemon (Barcode Monsters)

Codemon (Barcode Monsters) 3.1.6

Codemon (Barcode Monsters)

Author:Platty Soft
Updated:2015-08-08 19:31:02
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Codemon is a game that combines the concepts of Barcode Battler, Pet collection and Pokemon.

-- Blog reviews --

* "Codemon is a wonderful game. It brings me back to my Pokémon days, without being a straight clone" - AppStorm
* "Platty Soft have released a very special augmented reality game" - PlayAndroid Magazine
* "I have to recommend Codemon to anyone that is a Pokemon fan or is interested in something slightly different than the norm" - Gaming on Batteries

-- Game Description --

Scan barcodes to find Codemons, Auras and Spells.

Bring your "Barcode Monsters" to fight at the Codiseum, battle other players and level them up!

Use the Auras to improve your Codemons. Select a Spell to tweak the battles in your favor.

In the Codebook you have the info of the Codemons you have (your collection), and of the ones you have encountered. There are 64 Codemon races. Can you scan them all?

Each monster has an epic version that is harder to find. A challenge for collectors!

Use the Market to sell your captures and buy what you can't find, some Auras and Spells are very rare. The easiest way to complete your collection.

-- More Info --

If you have problems scanning, try disabling the builtin scanner in the Profile Settings.

Follow @ChipiriCodemon on Twitter for tips and flavor!/ChipiriCodemon or like our Facebook page to keep updated on the latest news

WARNING: if you uninstall / reinstall the game or if you go to the app details page and click "Clear Cache" you will loose all your Codemons, Spells and Auras.

This game uses the great zxing library for the barcode scanning,

All designs, icons and music are property of Platty Soft and all rights are reserved.

Codemon is in no way affiliated with Nintendo or officially supported by Nintendo. Pokémon is a trademark of Nintendo.

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