Conspirator Lite

Conspirator Lite 1.3

Conspirator Lite

Author:Studio Prosto
Platform:Android 2.1 and up
Updated:2011-09-21 22:16:16
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Protect your privacy.

Conspirator is a small and simple but very useful application for those persons who want to protect their privacy. Conspirator keeps a list of private contacts and hides SMS coming from them. When a message arrives from private contacts you'll received an SMS with the special secret text, which you can set in the Conspirator settings. You can respond to a message directly from the application and your message will not be stored in the phone logs.
After installation Conspirator does not appear in the list of applications, so it not arouse suspicion. To run the Conspirator, type in the standard dialer number 1234 and press "Call". In program settings you can specify your own number to start application.
Sensitive contacts and conversations stay completely hidden on your phone.

Lite version allows only one secret contact.

To solve the problems on Samsung Galaxy S visit application's site:

More info and detailed user guide see on

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