Couple Photo Diary (Free)

Couple Photo Diary (Free) 1.5.3

Couple Photo Diary (Free)

Author:TML Service
Platform:Android 2.1 and up
Updated:2013-03-07 12:06:26
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.Remember the day spend with your lover exactly. write the diary with the location, pictures or video.
Also you can see all records at once by calender. Show your full love to your lover by this 'Couple Diary'.

1. Write a diary
- put the information such as title, tag, location, attached file
- take a pic or video and attach the files from your phone
also you can attach several files to a single diary.

2. Forwarding
- If you just sign up, you can send or recieve the diaries with your lover.

3. List
- at the List page, you can search a diay from title and tag.

4. Calendar
- you can see the title of diary at the month calendar at once.

5. Gallery
- you can see pics atted on the diary by gallery form.

6. Map
- put the location and see by google map

7. SNS
- offer the share function that make you can share the pic with the Facebook on the Couple Photo Diary.

8. Theme
- provide 2 theme (Pink, Blue)

9. Back up & Restore
- you can back up or restore
- back up folder is '/sdcard/CouplePhotoDiary'

**Free Version**
- offer 70 diaries
- maximum 3 attach files on a single diray

**Pro Version**
- no adds and no limits
- 'Pro version' provides restore the backup data from 'Free version'