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Cpu Gauge Pro

Updated:2015-08-08 17:19:25
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Cpu Gauge Pro is an real-time, battery friendly Cpu And Battery Usage monitoring application and widget for Android Platform.

Whether you like the cool looking graphics or need cpu and battery monitoring for any purpose
testing or daily use, Cpu Gauge Pro will provide you an actual real time cpu
and battery monitoring , also with multi core support you can monitor each
core's clockspeed usage individually and active running cores

Cpu Gauge Pro consists of two different designs , including Cpu Gauge(blue) And Battery Gauge(Green) .

Notifications feature will let you monitor your cpu usage, battery usage, battery temperature(C/F)
as digits without effecting or changing your other notifications.

You can select from 3 different Widget size(Small, Medium, Large) for each Cpu and Battery Gauge
with selection of different sizes you can run multiple widgets easily and have battery and cpu gauge on the same screen.

Running in the background
Notifications can be run in the background . you can also run single or multiple notifications.
also background process can be enabled or disabled according to your need

License Check Button
In case if your license is not confirmed you can confirm your license check .
We provide support if you have any questions or problems with license checking and how to use it.


Cpu Monitoring
Cpu Type
Multi core support(each core's clockspeed )
Check your active running cpu cores and their actual clockspeed
Check your cores' max clockspeed
Cpu Usage

Battery Monitoring
Battery Usage
Battery Temp(C/F)
Battery Health
Battery Voltage

Total 6 Widgets
Cpu Gauge Widget(Small, Medium, Large)
Battery Gauge Widget(Small, Medium, Large)

Cpu Usage Notification (percentage)
Battery Usage Notification (percentage)
Battery Temperature Notification as Celcius/Fahrenheit

Screen Size and Devices
Small screen sized phones
Normall screen sized phones
Tablets (7inch, 10inch)
All screen sizes are supported

Cpu Gauge And Cpu Gauge Pro by Borgshell

You can always contact our dev team , we will provide help required immediately

Q.Why it did not work on my phone?

A.Although the application aims to be able to work on all android phones, some phones might not be able to show cpu usage

Q.Does Cpu Gauge supports multi core clockspeed monitoring?

A.Yes it does , it will show you each cores' current clockspeed
and maximum clockspeed and active cores

Q.Does it use too much battery for graphics and the app itself?
A.Fortunately it DOES NOT use too much battery for the graphics and app itself ,
Because IT HAS ONLY ONE SINGLE PROCESS and nothing else.
It means you can run it as long as you want.
Also Pro version has no ads means less battery usage.
Generally users are not aware some of phones standard apps has at least 4-5 processes(services) each, sometimes even goes up to 10 processes at the same time(for syncs etc..)

Q.Are there any other app which can show me the cpu, battery and temperature usage as percentage and digits on the notification bar ?
A.Not at the moment.

Q.Should I rate it if I like it?
A.Yes , it would be cool , our developers would add more features more often, if they see the ratings are good.

Borgshell Dev Team