Cupcakes! 2.5.2


Platform:Android 2.1 and up
Updated:2013-03-06 19:21:16
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Hours of fun for any aspiring cupcake queen (or king)! With millions of possible combinations of liners, frostings, toppings, and decorations, your kids will love crafting their creative masterpieces.

You pick everything from the liner to the frosting, and when you're done can even snap a picture of your masterpiece creations for mom or dad. You can also eat as many as you want and not worry about getting sick!

• over 5, 000 five-star ratings on iOS
• "The cupcakes look so good I almost licked my phone." --Robin Rhys,
• Featured in "Our Favorite Things" -Disney FamilyFun Magazine Don't settle for imitations.

This is the ORIGINAL cupcake app from Maverick Software and it's still the best! Make, bake, decorate, and eat virtual cupcakes with all kinds of flavors & toppings that YOU CHOOSE!

• Limitless creativity and hours of fun. It's like coloring with food!
• Dozens of batters, liners, frostings, toppings, and other decoration elements including Jelly Baby(tm) gourmet jelly beans-- you'll probably never make the same cupcake twice. You can even add candles and blow them out*!
• Watch the cupcakes bake in the oven as they go from gooey to ready-to-eat
• Once you're done, you can plate and eat your cakes. Then go back and make more. There's NO MESS to clean!
• Share pictures of your creations on your device or via Facebook

Fun for kids of all ages, Cupcakes! simulates all the steps for making, decorating, and eating cupcakes of all kinds. Can't wait to frost and decorate? Use one of the pre-made cake mixes. Chocolate, lemon, white cake? We got 'em! Marble? You bet! If you're a purist, we've got the ingredients for you to mix your own batter from scratch. You even get to control the oven timer for lighter or darker cakes. How cool is that?

(*"blowing out candles" feature requires device with supported microphone)