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Cuts of Beef & Steak

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The Cuts of Beef App gives USDA IMPS standardized info about beef. It is designed for Professional Chefs, Butchers and culinarians. The US meat industry uses the IMPS guidelines as determined by the USDA, and the Meat Buyer’s Guide follows these IMPS standards for its guidelines.

The IMPS Cuts of Beef page details the USDA IMPS guidelines for cuts of beef from primal to sub-primal cuts and includes standardized weight ranges. For instance, an IMPS 189 is a full tenderloin untrimmed with the side muscle on and has standard weight ranges of 4-5 lb, 5-6 lb, 6-7 lb, and 7-up.

The Steak Names and Variations page details many of the common alternate names for many steaks and associates them with their IMPS standardized name and number if available.
The Beef Grading page gives basic info on the quality grades and yield grades for beef.

The Video Library includes many video tutorials about how to butcher and prep numerous cuts.
And the Blog feed keeps you up to date with the latest information posted on Chef’s Resources, the website for professional chefs.